Thursday, 2 June 2011

Develop & Publish a Mobile App in just a snap

For newbies interested in (duly hyped-up) mobile application development, this is good news. OVI has launched a designated website for the very purpose.  

Anyone with basic knowledge of web and no knowledge of development tools or programming languages can develop and publish a REAL mobile application in less then 5 minutes. However, every good news comes a bad news. This service only allows for a very simple application to be developed. A web feed reader to be exact which would only be beneficial  for bloggers or webmasters. Here are a few snapshots of this service.

Turns out that the good news is actually not that good. But then, we shouldn't be complaining because its from Nokia which is not in its best form these days. XD5RRV3XDNHN

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Amazing Progress Bar Control

Check out this amazing progress bar control developed by Graham Wilson shared on "This pure eye candy won't make the task run any faster, but it might make the wait a bit less boring!". He was kind enough to share the source code as well along with obvious demo projects.

Friday, 27 May 2011

Codename Denali to handle your Zetta Bytes

Denali is the codename for the upcoming Microsoft's SQL Server 2011 and a CTP (community technology preview) version will be released soon. 

Like the meaning of Denali (the high one), Microsoft promises that it will evolve the management of information to the next level with a helping hand of cloud platform. Following major features have been announced for this release

  • Focus on Mission Critical environment to ensure high availability and higher performance
  • Blazing fast query performance
  • Rapid Data Discovery via Power Pivot
  • Credible and Consistent Data via BI & Data Quality Services
  • On demand scaling from devices to data centers to clouds
  • Write once run everywhere applications 

Have a look at this fun illustration of why Microsoft suggests you should have/or at least know about Denali.

More info can be found on the official website.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Important News regarding the blog

Dear Visitors,

Thanks very much for coming back to this blog. Please note that I have decided to limit the scope of this blog to development only as this was originally the intention.

I have moved no development irrelevant but FUN posts to following two separate blogs. Please do take time to visit these blogs every now and then.
  • Word Chimes (for English and Urdu Poetry of best quality)
  • Drive by Tech (for all the news and updates on technological trends, gadgets, movies, video games and cars) 

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